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Sales & Financing

What are the price and options?

ArrayBooth starts at $14,950 and Mini starts at $4,950. See our product page for details.

What payment and financing options are available?

We accept checks, wire transfers and all major credit cards. Financing is available through our lending partner. Please contact us for more details.

How long will it take to receive my booth?

The current wait time for ArrayBooth units is 6-8 weeks. The current wait time for ArryBooth Mini units is 4 weeks.

Do you charge sales tax?

We charge sales tax only in California.

Do you sell outside the USA?

We sell our units worldwide!

Is there a discount for buying more than one unit?

Yes, get in touch for a custom quote.

What are the shipping costs?

We charge a flat fee of $200 for shipping and handling anywhere in the Continental USA.

What is the warranty?

Goods delivered are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for two months from the date of delivery. User caused error, defined as any use beyond normal event use including but not limited to bending parts, dropping parts, scraping parts, etc. is not covered by the warranty. Components are covered by manufacturer's warranty. Please see our full terms and conditions here: www.thearraybooth.com/terms-conditions

What is the return policy?

All sales are final. Buyer has 72 hours from the time of receipt of the product to inspect and assure that everything is working properly.


What is the difference between the ArrayBooth and ArrayBooth Mini?

The ArrayBooth is a full featured six camera array. Multiple ArrayBooths can be daisy chained together for larger setups. The ArrayBooth Mini has three camera and can be used on a stand or as a handheld mobile unit. Please see the product pages for a complete list of features.

What software does it use and how much does it cost?

You can use either Xangle or Breeze software for either of our ArrayBooths. Pricing is available on their respective website.

Is there support or training?

Yes, contact us through our Support Page with questions about the unit itself. For software questions please reference either the Xangle or Breeze Multicam Wiki Page.

What type of light does it use?

The ArrayBooth can use either constant or strobe lights for maximum flexibility. The ArrayBooth Mini can use the included LED light panel or the cameras built in flashes. We recommend using constant LED lighting for ease of use and best results. ArrayBooth ships with a daylight balanced LED light.

Can I use my own cameras, lights and/or computer?

Yes, ArrayBooth can be used with either Canon SL1 or SL2 cameras. If you already own cameras, we will have you ship them to us for assembly and then ship you your ArrayBooth ready for action with the cameras installed. You can also use any tablet or computer running Windows 10 with at least one USB 3 port. You can also use your own light.

How big is it and how much does it weigh?

ArrayBooth is 38.5” W x 6.5” H x 7” D (not including stand). ArrayBooth weighs 75 lbs including case, stand and light. ArrayBooth Mini is 17” W x 12” H x 5” D (not including stand). Mini weighs 38 lbs including case.

How long does it take to set up?

ArrayBooth takes about 30 minutes to set up and calibrate, but with practice you will be able to set it up faster and faster! ArrayBooth Mini takes about 15 minutes to set up and calibrate.

How big is the footprint?

This depends on the background you want to use but ideal footprint is 8’ x 8’ for the ArrayBooth and 5x5' for ArrayBooth Mini.

Is social sharing built in?

This depends on the software being used. Xangle has built in email sharing, Breeze does not have any sharing built in. We recommend using LA Photo Party Upload in tandem with either of the shooting softwares for optimum results.

Does it print?

Yes! Both Xangle and Breeze have built in printing functions.